What You Should Know About Logo Design

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The design and logo concept represents your business’ most valuable asset. The idea of creating a corporate identity has been present even before the era of computers and digital graphics. Designing a logo probably takes you into unexplored territories, but don’t worry; we are here to help you get started! A professional logo designer knows how to create one that will stand out in the crowd. Here are 10 tips and tricks to remember when creating one for your own business.

1. Know your brand

Before designing a logo you must do some research and create a plan. Start by creating a Logo Design Brief.
With the brief you should have a clear idea about:

  • What the purpose of your business is.
  • Your point of difference from your competitors.
  • Who your target audience is.
  • The message you want to transmit through your logo.

2. It should be easy to recognise

What you should know about logo design

If you see any of the logos above anywhere, I am sure you would be able to tell which company they belong to. The right business logo should be easy to recognise. You can never go wrong with a simple logo design.


3. It should set your business apart of competitors

There is nothing wrong with researching your competitor’s logos and getting inspiration to create your own logo, however, ensure that your design is unique to theirs. You want your business to be recognised by people when they see your logo, what you don’t want is people confusing your logo with your competitor’s.

It is normal that companies within the same market have similar elements to their logos. This is another reason why you must be creative and use certain elements in a way that will separate you from your competitor.

Be creative with your name and the meaning of your brand.

Logo example

The clothing line incorporates a duck’s image into a clothes hanger, both representing what they sell (clothing) and their name (a literal iron duck).

4. Must be scalable

We are living in an era where digital marketing is extremely important. For some businesses, it is their sole source of business. That is why it is important for your logo to be scalable and functional at all sizes (large or small)

Test your logo design and scalability.

  • How does it look on social media profile pictures?
  • How does it look on your website header menu?
  • How does it look if it was an app icon?

If you can’t recognise it when scaled down, you might need to make some adjustments or rethink the design.


5. Must be simple

The perfect logo doesn’t need to be complex and full of details.  Simple logos are easy to recognise, easy to remember, scalable and still deliver your brand’s message successfully. When the logo is simple, the mind processes the image faster and this simple fact plays a huge role in the client’s buying decision, especially when seeing a billboard whilst driving 100km per hour, trying to find a product on the shelves full of similar ones or scrolling though a list of options. 

What You Should Know About Logo Design

6. Must be memorable

Most global brands have simple logo designs such as Apple, Nike, Google, Amazon and many others. This shows you that simple logos are easily recognised and memorable. Some companies have only their name on the logo, others only an image and others will have both. It doesn’t matter what your brand strategy is, make sure your logo can be easily associated with your business.


7. Use colour in your favour

Colours play a very important role in brand strategy which also includes the logo. Each colour has the power to transmit a feeling so you should choose them carefully. Make sure you research the colours associated to the message you want to convey.


8. Choose fonts carefully

Just like colours, fonts also have the power to transmit a message or feeling. Make sure you choose the right fonts and font pairings according to your brand strategy and the message you want to convey. Avoid gimmicky fonts, pay attention to the readability and again scalability of it. Try to pair fonts from different families in ways to create contrast and balance to your logo. You can use
the same font in a different format like, bold and italic, to create balance.

9. Hire a professional

There are many individuals and companies out there that can create a logo for a budget price. However, that budget logo could be the difference between being perceived as a budget or professional brand when compared to your competitors. A graphic designer will be able to understand your requirements and create a unique logo design and brand identity that defines your business and speaks to your customers. The brand identity will be used as a foundation for all your marketing materials. Make sure to check the designer’s portfolio and source two or three quotes from different designers to compare what they offer and deliverables against the cost. You can find a list of Australia’s Best Logo Design Agencies here, including B Creative Studio. 


10. Invest now to save later

Investing some money in your logo and brand identity will actually save you time and money in the long run. This is your most important brand asset, make sure you get exactly what you want and need. Let the designer know your budget so they can be flexible with pricing and deliverables.


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