Andrea Bombino

Andrea Bombino is passionate about supporting women who want to approach motherhood differently. She has experienced the challenges of balancing a fast-paced corporate career with her roles as a wife and mother. She developed methods to help women overcome the uncertainty and overwhelm that often accompany ambitious career goals while being a mother in today’s world. Andrea shares her insights with women globally through her coaching and consulting business, formerly known as Made to Mother Co and now called Andrea Bombino Coaching & Consulting.

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BRAND DESIGN, WordPress & Kajabi Website

Andrea, our client, was looking for a brand identity that truly connected with her business values and sent a powerful message of empowerment to women. After loads of chats and brainstorming, we came up with the perfect logo and brand design for Made to Mother Co. Fast forward to almost two years later, Andrea felt it was time to give her brand a little refresh to better match her business’s growth. So, we whipped up a new logo for Andrea Bombino Coaching & Consulting, while keeping the same vibe, colors, graphics, and everything that made the original brand special.

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Inspired by motherhood and maternity, the original and current logos incorporate the moon, representing the various phases women experience during pregnancy. We chose a Sans Serif font to convey a minimal, friendly, approachable, and modern aesthetic. We designed all marketing materials and documents, such as workbooks and PDF guides, in line with the brand identity. Consistent colours and grid layout styles were used to match the website.

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Web Design | WordPress & Kajabi

We crafted a customized WordPress website for Andrea Bombino Coaching & Consulting, highlighting her unique services and offerings in a clean, modern layout. We also helped her set up the Kajabi course platform, enabling Andrea to provide organized, user-friendly online courses and effectively manage her students’ progress. This comprehensive online solution supports the growth of Andrea’s coaching and consulting business while delivering a professional and engaging experience to her clients.



Please note that the client may have made changes to the website since the completion of our design work. As a result, some aspects of the current website might not reflect the original design we created.

I’ve loved working with her and continue to work with her…

It was so great that I engaged her to help with my branding and social media templates and then later down the road as I was launching my first online coaching program. She actually helped design the entire Kajalbi site and then helped me with the launch and all of the email sequences. I could not recommend her more. I’ve loved working with her and continue to work with her and recommend her to every single person I know who needs help with their branding.

Andrea Bombino




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